Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Some Pictures

So I'm in the process of creating some posts and I have a few more BatReps in the work but... I'm feeling too tired to type excessive amounts... So I'll post some pictures instead!

Firstly, here are two shots of my Falcon/Serpent chassis at "Stage 1"

Now i took these pictures with my phone, and i think the quality turned out OK.
So thats "Stage 1"
Onto the almost finished product.

Apart from highlights its pretty much done.
There are also a few touch-ups to be done.
Here's a shot with a turret attached (along with flying base + shurican cannon)

I'm sure most of you have noticed a Wave Serpent turret atop a Falcon chassis, but that is deliberate. I'm not a huge fan of the energy field prow and i have access to alot of Falcon chassis's. Overall i prefer the look of the Falcon chassis as it's alot more simple looking and less fiddly.

Also the crew-man is missing, but intend to attatch the clear canopy and simply paint over it as i dislike the crew models and in my experiance the clear plastic tends to scratch or become cloud with time.

As for the colours, i thought white/black would be best for me. With my regular casual games including many different aspects depending on what i feel like playing then i didn't want my tanks having a particular colour that would visually link them to any particular aspect on general.


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