Sunday, 27 February 2011

5 Dragons - Game 2

After we finished our lunch we all gathered back in the gaming hall to inspect the leaderboard and table placements. I was tied for first and was to play on the top row of tables. I found out my opponent was to be someone called "Rodders", and yes, the exclamation marks were included.

5 Dragons - Game 1

With all the stores finally present there was some mingling while we awaited our first game. Some went to have a look in the GW store while others got drinks or stood around. We were then told to find an opponent ourselves and pick a table (the opponent had to be from a different store). A man off to the side of my little group asked "Who wants a game then?" so i accepted and wandered roughly into the middle of the hall and asked which table he preferred. Once he had picked one we got settled and waited for everyone else to find a partner, with the GW staff having to help get some players paired up and settled at their own tables. The man i was to play against was called Dai.

5 Dragons Tournament (Battle Missions)

On Saturday 26th February 2011 The 5 Welsh stores took some of their best (and worst) gamers to the 5 Dragons tournament, which was held in Warhammer World (Nottingham). I would of course be representing Cardiff.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Deployment (Eldar) V1.0

So, let's start with something pretty basic! Deployment (concerning Eldar)!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Getting set up!

Just a post to start me off, just a small one!
I'm hoping to will this blog with bat reps, tactics, projects and general musings as and when i feel the urge.
Hopefully the first "real" post will be up within a few days.