Thursday, 17 March 2011

Some more pictures. From Five Dragons.

Heres a few pictures that i got off my third round opponent Lex.

My painting isn't 100% and i'm missing quite a few highlights and detailing, but i think a nice overall effect was achieved in time for the tournament.
Some of the pictures came out a little blurry, but we were getting pushed for time to finish up and had also set up Lex's army (1st picture, bottom right, back-end of a rhino!) as he hadn't got his own picture yet.


  1. Beautiful! I especially like the war walker and the cavalry! (Are they used as jetbikes?)

  2. @D'Ork
    Thank you =)
    Yes the cavalry are used as my GJB unit, had to trash a vyper to get the shurican cannon mount.
    Once they are finished (no idea when) I'll post up some pics.

    Also, bonus points if you can figure out what i made the walkers out of ^.^