Sunday, 6 March 2011

5 Dragons - Results

Rather than throwing in some suspence and hum-drum i'll just post some results... So here goes!

Starting at the bottom, including the people i know to some degree as regulars at my store, my opponents for my three games and the top 3 placements.

As the tournament was GW run, there were no seperate catagories for best painted/best general or any form of sportsmanship scoring to speak of. There was also no prize! Well, we have certificates in frames and bragging rights over the other stores to play for... which is a prize that money really can't buy! So theres not too much to complain about as none of us were expecting GW to actually fork out any cash out at any point.

So all in all, with a decent painting score i came second overall, narrowly beating Jack by 46 Victory Points! I'm sure next time we'll keep an eye on each others scores, although theres always the possibility for one of us to visit the other ones store and get a game going to have some fun. I'm also curious as to what army Morgan was playing as i didn't get to see it.

The tournament as a whole was rather fun, the Battle Missions book really mixing things up for some wierd and wonderful games (but mostly just confusing and one-sided as a whole). Can't wait for next year, should have my army fully painted (aiming for 18-20 score) by then with a few changes to my list.


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